I do not want to forget

The first, second, third times we met

You looked at me with uncertainty and interest


We talked until our tea went cold

And the café closed

And the street went quiet

And the train stopped running

We hugged goodnight

You say you wish you’d have kissed me


I do not want to forget

Plans for an evening organized, coded by color and symbol

Chronologically arranged

You always brought wine to share

I would’ve been embarrassed by my stained lips, but you were similarly effected and carried no shame

We talked about how we wished we could dance

I dropped hints at every chance I got

I caught you looking at me when we walked down the hallway


I do not want to forget

The lighting was all wrong and it was too late for rationality

But your head was cocked at just the right angle, and you told me you couldn’t stop thinking about me

And you were so nervous that you could barely hold my hand

When you did you could feel that we were both shaking

There was not a drink that could calm our nerves, or a drug to detract from the adrenaline

When we kissed later, I wondered how it had taken us so long to find each other’s lips


You told me

“This is the sensation of falling”


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